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Whether you are a DJ who is new to the scene or someone who has been in the business for years, everyone seems to start out with the same bad habits and eventually, after practice and experience, grow out of them. The best way to avoid these habits, is to do your research and watch other professionals. But, sometimes there are things that maybe can’t be avoided until we figure it out for ourselves.

Using Too Much FX
A huge mistake DJ’s can make when they are just starting out, is using too many FX in their mixes. During the set and in the moment, it may sound like it is really amping up the mix, but in turn, could be hurting what you’re putting out there.

Experienced DJ’s will tell you to record your complete set. This way you can play it back and point out any type of mistakes you may have made, and figure out how to improve your mix. This is also a great way to see how those FX sounded during the set and will help you in your future gigs by not getting swept up in the moment.

Replaying Sets From Previous Gigs
Many DJ’s will recycle sets from their previous gigs, not realizing that people notice and will start to catch on. Just because a set rocked it last month or last week, does not mean it will make the same splash at your next event.

New material is key when playing gigs at new venues. It helps create a following and show the audience your creativity. DJ TechTools writer, Mohamed Kamal explains, “Breaking away from old routine will make you a more versatile DJ and an experienced music programmer- something that being an expert at mixing doesn’t teach you.”

Excessive Drinking
It’s the atmosphere and the nature of the profession. Playing in clubs and venues where alcohol is present and flowing. A mistake that for some people, can be very hard to maneuver past. Becoming intoxicated at a gig can really hinder your set. Inebriation can hinder your ability to read the crowd and know and hear the difference between good or sloppy mix.

Some of these habits new DJs will grow out of as they learn and experience more, and some will stay with the more mediocre ones. Take notes and learn from successful DJs. See the good habits they stick with, and how they present themselves as a professional.