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The world of music was shocked on April 20, 2018 when the passing of EDM artist Avicii was announced. As most fans know, he retired from performing live for health reasons but still continued to make music. The sudden passing left the music world wondering what would come next.

I remember asking one of my favorite artists, Matisyahu, the status of his collaboration with Avicii and told him that I loved the collaboration having heard it on his Ultra Music Festival set. Avicii’s work ethic heavily influenced me to focus on my craft and to premiere my original music at shows.

Upon hearing the news of his passing, I was as shocked as anyone else. He was an incredible musician and had an amazing impact on the dance music scene. As one of my favorite artists, he constantly inspired me to reach my goals as he put 100% effort into every set he performed. One of the greatest things he did was expand the horizons of EDM fans by helping EDM to be pushed forward. As a result, dance music has completely evolved from his influence. He’s worked with everyone from Madonna to Coldplay.

I do wonder what the effect of his passing will have on the future of EDM. I hope that the heights he’s helped take it to don’t fall away and that EDM continues to push forward and become even more popular. The music world, in general, should be more observant on the mental health of fellow musicians and take care of each other.