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DJ booths have been glamorized by music videos to be the ultimate party spot. In reality, the booth is filled with a lot of wires and electrical connections, making it hazardous for those who don’t know their way around a booth. For a DJ, a booth is their temporary home for the next few hours so before you plug your headphones in, here are a few Dos & Don’ts of DJ Booth Etiquette.

Do: Leave Your Friends on the Dancefloor

It may be tempting to bring your friends along with you while you are up in the booth. This is a bad idea. The space is relatively small and barely comfortable for one person let alone three or four.

Inviting your friends to the booth can also leave a bad impression on the crowd. Some may think that you think you and your friends are more important than anyone else. As a DJ your role is to create a moment of community. Your music is what is supposed to bring everyone together, so don’t single certain people out.

Don’t: Be A Tailgate Tosser

The last thing you will want to do is stand next to a DJ who is in the middle of playing a set, with your headphones around your neck. You may be eager to play, but it won’t help you gain any respect. You may think that by getting to the booth early you might get the chance to go on earlier, but the chances that the current DJ stops before there set is up is highly unlikely.

Do: Lock in a Setup Strategy

In your spare time, work out a setup strategy that is speedy, effective, and has minimum fuss. You will find out quickly that the audience will get annoyed if they have to wait around as you set up your wireless hub.

Don’t: Linger in the Limelight

When your set has nearly come to its end, make sure you have left enough time for the next DJ. Leaving only 10 seconds for a DJ to mix in their first tune is pretty disrespectful. If they are a pro, they will probably be able to roll with the punches, but out of respect for another DJ give them enough time.

With these tips, hopefully, you can now walk away with a better sense of what etiquette is acceptable in the DJ booth and what simply won’t fly.