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The career of a DJ can be fun, rewarding, and very successful. Like any other career path, especially ones in the entertainment industry, being a DJ can come with certain risks. When it comes to DJing, every entertainer has to take their ear safety very seriously. According to other fellow DJs, this is why ear safety takes priority:

Time Sensitive
Ear safety goes beyond DJs. When attending a festival or music performance, even attendees have to take their ears seriously. It takes almost no time at all for someone to damage their hearing at a show. In just fifteen minutes, when the volume of the show more often than not exceeds 100 decibels, someone’s ear can suffer major damage. For DJs and attendees who go to shows quite regularly, it will take almost no time at all for there to be long-term damage to their hearing. This is why many DJs have begun voicing concerns and encouraging others to take their ear safety seriously. Attending music shows without protection will turn their ears into a ticking time bomb.

The Right Equipment
While many may complain about not being able to hear the music or have the same kind of experience with earplugs in, that is not the case at all. With the right earplugs, designed for concerts and music festivals, DJs and attendees are able to enjoy the music and protect their ears at the same time. Jarvis, a rising DJ, explained to Dancing Austronaut, “I make sure to carry my earplugs on me at all times. Good quality ones filter out the high frequencies but still allow you to enjoy the bass clearly.” Luckily, there are quality and affordable earplugs that are priced starting at around $40. For DJs who care about their careers and ear safety, these earplugs are a smart investment.

Protecting a Career
As a DJ, hearing is imperative to a successful career in the industry. Many DJs know their shows would not be the same if they could not hear. DJ Rinzen has said, “As producers and DJs, our ears are the most valuable tools we have. Protecting them is paramount.” Taking precautions and buying the right ear protection for shows can help DJs have a long and successful career. Unfortunately, many DJs make the mistake of not protecting their ears.

The music icon Zedd has suffered permanent damage after not properly protecting his ears and now no longer has hearing in his left ear. Another DJ, Shadient, explains, “Protecting my ears has always been a crucial principle of mine. having already lost 30% of my hearing in one of my ears and suffering from tinnitus…take care of your hearing as much as you do your other parts of your body.” Failing to protect their hearing during concerts or any other type of music show will not only damage a DJ’s hearing but also their career.