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On this blog, we’ve already covered the basics of DJing and some of the mistakes that rookies make. Today, we’re doing another advice blog where we’re going over some of the do’s and don’ts of DJing. DJing has been around for decades but, all things considered, is still a fairly new art. While our technology may have changed, the standards of being a good DJ have not. 

Do Learn to Mix

DJing is an art, and as such, requires some finesse. The key to being a good DJ is knowing how to seamlessly mix tracks together to create a new piece of music. There’s more to mixing than simply smashing two tracks together and slapping a rhythm on top. Think about the energy that the music puts out – how can you layer percussion or use matching basslines to create a vibe that works with your crowd? There are tools that can help with this,  but it’s best to learn how to do this by ear (which takes practice). Once you hone your craft, you can really take your audience for a wild auditory ride. 

Don’t Overuse EQ’s and Filters

Think of EQ’s and filters like spices or cologne: a little bit, used well, can go a long way. They should be used to enhance and not overwhelm the track. How should they be used? Use your EQ’s and filters sparingly to create tension or build up energy in the crowd. Give it that extra kick, but not so much that it kicks you back. Resist the urge to start turning dials because you feel the need to do something, anything. The key here is moderation.

Do Be Mindful of Presence

Remember that, at the end of the day, DJing is about performance. As a beginner, it may be tempting to latch onto clichés, but try to build your own identity behind the decks. Try not to fall into the extremes of being the DJ that’s too hyped or, on the other end, the glassy-eyed zombie. By now you may have noticed a theme of moderation, and it definitely is applicable when it comes to presence. Engage with your audience, but remember that as a DJ it’s your duty to mix those tracks. Try to find ways to bring something special to your show without being too corny