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Due to the constant rise in popularity of electronic music, technology is needed to continue to keep up and adapt to the trends. This is where the evolution of DJ controllers and turntables has come from. For anyone looking to purchase this expensive DJ equipment, it is best to know how it works and which controllers will be the best option for you. We are going to dive into more of an explanation of what DJ controllers are, how they work, and how to choose the best one for you.

What Is A DJ Controller
According to Ben Ownes on BestDJStuff, a DJ controller is “digital music equipment that allows the user or the DJ to emulate the traditional DJ mixer and turntables on a single piece of equipment and a laptop computer.” Because of the new technology with this equipment, DJs are able to perform and play their music almost anywhere.

How Do DJ Controllers Work
The look of a  DJ controller is best described as DJ mixer and turntable all rolled into one. The controller must be hooked up to a computer through the USB port, and once it has connected, the software on the computer will transmit to the controller so that the DJ can begin mixing music. Once the sound starts being created through the computer software and controller, it will then move through cables to push sound out to the audio equipment such as speakers and amplifiers.

How To Choose the Right One
Figuring out which controller to purchase stems from compatibility with your software or the software you’d like to use. You will first need to decide if you are set on your particular software and will not use any other, as a lot of controllers are only designed for specific software. If you are looking for a controller that will work with multiple types of software, you are going to want to find a software-agnostic controller that is MIDI-compliant and can be used with numerous software products.

DJ controllers are the more technologically advanced version of a turntable and have many features to help bring your mixes up a notch. The ease of versatility with new DJ technology creates a professional atmosphere and gives you room to provide the best experience for the place you perform.