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If you’re a beginner DJ, you may find that you’re asking yourself what kind of equipment do you need to start out? Do you need one or more turntables? Do you need a mixer? What are some items you can pack in your DJ bag?

  • Turntables

If you’re going to go with an “old-school” DJ setup, turntables are an absolute must. These allow you to scratch, switch songs and albums, slow down tempos, change pitch, and a variety of other features. With the advancement of today’s technology, more and more DJ’s are doing their sets using only laptops. That said, turntables are a great tool to use if you want to start your career off learning the basics.

  • Mixers

Mixers are used for transitions between songs. It helps keep those transitions smooth when you’re mixing songs or if you’ve created a mashup. Some DJs use mixers to control volume levels, panning, tone, and more.

  • Controllers

Controllers are great because they mimic the traditional DJ setup in that it combines the mixer and turntable into one unite. It can still scratch, mix, and control effects. Most importantly, it can easily navigate through the library of music you may have on your laptop. Things to consider when you’re searching for the “right” controller is your budget, what functions you’ll need, and which DJ software you’re using.

  • Dj Software

Speaking of DJ software, it really is up to the DJ which software they’re going to use. A great software for DJs that are just starting out is Serato DJ. The easy to use features are reliable and straightforward. The best part of this software is that it’s extremely affordable coming in around $100 for the price tag.

  • DJ Headphones

No, DJs don’t wear headphones to look cool. (Though, it does look really cool!). These headphones are used when you’re going through your set so you can preview what’s coming up in the next part of your set. The audience won’t hear this part so it’s great for experimenting and making your decisions as you work your way through the evening.

  • Cases & Mounts

Obviously with all of the gear that you’ll have, you’ll need somewhere to place it once you get to the event. Make sure you’ve got a sturdy “table” or stand to place all your gear. Most importantly, you need to make sure that you’ve gotten protective cases to carry your gear around in to avoid damage.


All of the gear listed above is a great way to get a clean start in your new career as a DJ! Good luck!