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If you’ve ever worked with any kind of technical equipment, you understand how touchy it can be depending on the weather. Being too hot or too cold causes difficulties in programs to continue running and functioning the way they should be.

DJ’s understand this all too well. At any given time, you could be hired to DJ outside events in the harsh winter months or the stifling summer months. These extreme conditions can take a major toll on your equipment and prevent your electronics to perform correctly.

Summer Months
The warmer weather brings around all of the outdoor festivals and events, but there are many ways to ensure your equipment and you stay cool. Purchasing items such as tents and shades for your gear can help block the direct sunlight you will most likely experience during your set. Fans built specifically for DJ equipment and laptops, as well as regular clip on fans, can do the trick.

Keeping yourself cool, as to not overheat during a set, is very important in order for you to perform at the highest quality. Fans not only for your equipment, but also for yourself, can help tremendously. Dan White, writer for DJ TechTools, takes a quote directly from Las Vegas DJ, Roland, stating he invested in an ice vest for himself, in order to keep cool.

Winter Months
A lot of great events happen in the blistering cold winter months. So now, we have to deal with the possibility of freezing temperatures for you and your equipment. Equipment will need time to warm up during the dropping temperatures, having a tent or canopy as well as a heater for the space will help this process move a lot faster when setting up for a gig.

Another important thing to watch out for is condensation. If your gear happens to have frozen on the outside, bringing it directly into warmer temperatures can create condensation as it starts to melt and possibly ruin your equipment.

Make sure to dress appropriately, with enough layers is key, in order to make sure you don’t freeze during your gig. Gloves are a great thing to make sure to have with you, but fingerless gloves are the way to go. This helps you to operate all the controls properly, and not accidentally hit something you didn’t mean to.

No one wants to pass up a gig because of the weather. These elements can bring something different and exciting to a party, event or festival. Being prepared with fans, bags, tents and cases for all of your gear, can help sustain the life of your electronics and help you and the audience have a great experience at these outdoor events.