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It can be challenging to begin a career as a producer. In the beginning, not everyone will know the style of music they want to create or even how to create it. For some people, this can cause a lot of frustration. However, in order to become successful as a producer, you must stay focused and be productive.

Because producing your music is such a creative process, over time you will start to develop your own strategies and methods for working and creating. Once you’ve mastered the fundamentals of music production, you may begin to experience a lull in productivity. This is an entirely normal pitfall during the beginning stages of production. The key is to never lose sight of your goals.

Remove Distractions
No matter what you are doing in life, one of the easiest ways to decrease productivity is to become distracted. It is crucial to remove any distractions that are around you in order to keep yourself on track and remain focused on the task at hand. Since producing music is done on a computer, where distractions abound, this can be a daunting goal.

For aspiring producers, social media will become the enemy. It’s very easy to pull up your browser and type in any of the social URLs you frequently use. Luckily, there are different ways to combat these unproductive habits. Turning off wifi, using timers, or using website disablers can assist you in regaining focus and not letting social media take over your creative time.

Set Goals
When you first begin to produce your own music, it is important to set goals that are attainable. Wanting to be famous or “make it” in the business is not always a realistic goal to set for yourself at the start of your career. Realistic expectations will help to create goals that can be completed in a timely manner. For a new producer, goals such as creating a certain number of songs in a given time period or playing one gig a month are both achievable and motivating. If your goals aren’t attainable, you will start to become frustrated and lose focus and interest in producing your own music.

Have Fun
Ultimately, the key to staying productive and focused is having fun. If you’re not enjoying production, you will find it very difficult to stay on task and continue to be creative. Not everyone loves what they do for a living, but most people will become a producer for the love of the music and the need to create.

Utilize these different tools in order to remain on task and create the best possible music you can. If you set attainable goals, remove the everyday distractions, and enjoy what you do, the road to success will be a lot more straightforward than you think.