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Are you a DJ (new or seasoned) who wants to get more bookings? Getting gigs is one of the toughest parts of starting out as a DJ. Here are some tips that will help you to get more bookings, whether you’re new to DJing or not.


The best way to get gigs as a DJ is to regularly network. Go to clubs where you want to work. Become a regular attender and get to know the clubs’ owners or managers. Befriend the DJs who already work in those clubs. The more connections you have the more likely you will be to get booked.

Do a Few Free Gigs

Sometimes, to get your name out there in the DJing world, your best bet is to offer a few free gigs. These free gigs are worth the time and effort because they’ll help you gain experience as well as exposure. Remember, however, that you’re in this business to make money, so don’t work for free for long. After you complete a few free gigs, start offering a limited-time discounted rate. As you become well-known, you’ll be able to raise your prices.

Hand Out Business Cards and Mixtapes

Another simple way to get more bookings as a DJ is to hand out business cards and mixtapes. You can get business cards printed online. Hand these out to family, friends, and acquaintances alike. Also, create and hand out mixtapes. Send these to promoters and managers along with personalized notes. You can also share mixtapes with potential fans. Handing out business cards along with your mixtapes will let your future fans know how they can find you if they like what they hear.

Take Advantage of Social Media

No matter what business you’re in, you should be taking advantage of social media. Promoters will often use social media as a way to find new talent in their area. Social media also offers you free advertising, exposure, and networking opportunities. Make YouTube videos and create business pages for Facebook and Instagram. You should also be on Twitter. Created branded content consistent with the image you want to be known for. Engage with your followers as much as you can. Loyal followers will be a huge factor in your success. If you can gain a following online, promoters are more likely to notice you and want you to play at their clubs.