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Being a DJ doesn’t just mean that you show up to a gig and play music. There are things that each DJ should keep as common practice to hone their talent and craft.

Read the Crowd
The first thing to remember when you’re at a gig is that, while your work is being featured, it’s not all about you. You’re playing for the crowd! You want to make sure that the crowd is enjoying themselves and having a great time whether you’re playing at a club, bar, party, or even a professional event. Most of the crowd will be looking to hear music that is more popular on the radio. In other words, the people want to hear the Top 40s! This sounds strange but you’ll want to select popular music to play at the event. Ultimately, this only enhances what the crowd feels and how great of a time they’re having. If they have a great time, you’ll get noticed as a great DJ and you’ll be asked back to more clubs and could even end up making a bit more money the more that you play at a venue. If someone comes up to you and asks you to play an extremely popular song, don’t brush them off! That’s their cue that the song they’ve asked for is what they and their friends want to hear and dance to!

Track Searching
You might have a big gig coming up shortly but haven’t quite played out in a few weeks. You may think that simply dumping a bunch of new songs into your playlist will solve the problem but this could actually make your situation a bit worse. You’ll want to play the right track at the right time. Take some day every few days for deep diving into what’s popular and what works for gigs. This will help add tracks to your set at a digestible pace and still keep your collection fresh and up to date. Don’t just listen to the first 30 seconds of a song when you’re searching either. Listen to the whole song because there might be great mix points in the song that you can use in future sets.

By making sure that you can read the crowd properly, you’ll ensure success at a gig and be asked more times to play the same venue. Keeping your set updated and instituting great music with great potential to make a crowd happy will only further your chances of being a successful DJ.