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There are many options available for a DJ to use as software during their sets. Let’s explore some of the best software that is available in today’s current market.

Serato DJ Pro
Serato is a company that focused on the birth of digital vinyl systems in the early 2000’s and remains one of the major forces in digital DJing even in the present. Serato has put a lot of work into making their software more reliable and low-latency. These two popular features of the software have made it a popular choice for DJs. The software offers plug and play support that covers a plethora of controllers and digital vinyl capabilities. The software also has all the creative element a DJ could want like sampling capabilities, effects, and sync and analysis tools. They also offer a free version known as Serato DJ Lite for users to learn the software on before buying the full software package.

Atomix VirtualDJ Pro
Though this option is a pricey option being $299 for a full license, it offers so many flexible pro features. VirtualDJ Pro can run anything up to 99 virtual decks. It also has the distinction of being ReWire compatible, meaning that it’s able to be run with a variety of DAWs. There have been recent updates that have added greater tools and features into the software. The most recent update focuses on visuals. A DJ can project their sets live on to a big screen or even offer automated ways to generate videos to coincide with a mix.

Mixvibes Cross
This software has gone through many updates throughout the last few years and, as a result, has come up with an impressive feature set. This software offers the free version or the full version that adds video mixing features. Mixvibes Cross features an extremely customizable interface and support for a large range of controllers. The new updates also feature support for an iOS remote control app that can act as a second screen when browsing tracks. Mixvibes Cross also offers performance capabilities for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

No matter which software you select, these options are a great place to start when shopping for your new software. With the exception of Atomix VirtualDJ Pro, the other options offer a free version to let the user test out the features and see if that software is the right fit for them.